We have started the research in this area already in 2000 and since then we have been strenghtening our co-operation with our internationally recognized partners active in cell and tissue engineering in Tampere.

Despite well integrated existing collaborative research between engineering and biology, we are melting the organizational boundaries even further. Stay tuned for more.

Our focus is in integrated systems and components for cell studies on difficult-to-culture cells, such as primary and stem cells.

Our systems integrate cell cultivation with simultaneous stimulation, measurement and analysis. The main platform types are:

  • MicroElectrode Arrays (MEA) and
  • Microinjection


  • Chemical, Electrical AND Mechanical
  • Both on population and single cell level!

Measurements and analysis

  • Electrical, electrophysiological, chemical, morphological, ...

Environmental control

  • Perfusion, Gas exchange, Temperature control, pH and pO2 control
  • Sensors in 3D cell cultures
  • Scaffold fabrication for instance using our proprietary technology


  • Join our industry fund to support research in this area!
  • Discuss about the needs of your company to see, how we can assist your product development.

Our groups are currently providing technological solutions for one of the largest academy projects in Finland.

BCC Group to win Finnish Automation Award for their work in Automating Cell Handling.
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