In diagnostic applications, we are able to provide a whole range of technologies and services.

Our typical customers approach us either with their current diagnostic device that they would like to miniaturize towards point-of-care diagnostics or with an analyte that they would like to detect.

Samples that we have experience with include whole blood, serum and sweat. However, any liquid sample will do.

We have miniaturized and implemented a range of process steps in disposable microfluidic cartridges. The steps have included filtering, enrichment, volume aliquoting, mixing, washing and other functions.

We have extensive experience with various detection techniques, including fluorescence, surface plasmon resonance, magnetic nanoparticles, biosensors for molecular recognition and others.

Sensors - we cover this area from design and simulation to small batch production
Microfluidic cartridges - from design and quality testing to mass production
Reader - design, testing, prototyping
Automation - hardware integration and software development

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